adopts Prime Hotel as the Enterprise Resource Planning

trough an Agile implementation process

2022 04 08


  1. Project scope

  2. Product scope

  3. Agile approach

  4. Team and roles

  5. Roadmap and milestones  

  6. Risks and issues

Project scope 

Description of services involved

Prime provides advising and consulting services, software development and configuration, as well as training and support services.

In scope

  1. Provide "Prime Hotel" as the Enterprise Resource Planning for Casa da Djedja.

  2. Configure of modules described on product scope

  3. Provide User's training material for Prime's modules

  4. Provide User's documentation from Odoo

  5. Support services 5x8 during this implementation phase

  6. Advising managing on the scenarios and decisions while adopting the platform 

  7. Define Service Level Agreement of the  "Deluxe Plus" Software as a Service  

 Out of Scope

Data migration from legacy systems

Enter data on behalf of Casa da Djedja 


Must have features: April to July 2022

Nice to have: September to Dec 2022


Prime Hotel SaaS: 5.000 CVE / month

5%  fee for bookings on Prime channels / API

Implementation services: TBD

Product scope 

Wish list, product features and gap analysis 

The starting point is the Casa Djedja's wish list as the target solution; a gap analysis with Prime's community version of Prime ERP and Prime Hotel is conducted to find the development backlog. 

Wish list

Casa da Djedja's wish list, vision, goals, ambitions and expectations

Existing features

Prime brings its offer to combine with existing solutions and expertise


Let's to the gap analysis and adapt and develop whats required

 Starting point for the journey

  Casa da Djedja's wish list and vision

  • Electronic Invoicing in full compliance with the fiscal authorities of Cabo Verde

  • Integration with Casa da Djedja website using APIs for a fully integrated system

  • Accounting module based on Casa da Djedja Chart of Accounts to:

    • Record Financial Transactions

    • Report Financial Transactions; important standard reports:

      • Payables Reports

      • Receivables Report

      • Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement

      • Balance Sheet Statement

      • VAT Reports (in/out)

    • Customised reports - Four (4)

      • Breakfast Cost against Occupancy

      • Water Cost against Occupancy

      • Electricity Cost against Occupancy

      • Housekeeping and Laundry Supplies against Occupancy

  • Payroll - a simple module to:

    • Automate the calculation of base remuneration for employees

    • Automate the calculation of overtime for employees

    • Automate the calculation of INPS obligations/splits

    • Pay Stubs


  • Provide tools to Casa da Djedja Management and Team to do be as autonomous as possible and record financial transactions in real - Make the manager's life easier is the principal objective

  • Migrate financial records from the software presently used by MVN/Marx Nobre in order for Casa da Djedja to retain full ownership of its records/data - MVN, as an outsourced service provider, shall then start using Casa da Djedja's accounting solution to perform their scope for Casa da Djedja which shall be limited to financial oversight, control, and the monthly obligations imposed by the fiscal authorities

  • If a migration is too complex a task for Prime to handle, MVN/Marx Nobre shall have to provide a trial balance and detailed general ledgers as of a date to be collectively agreed in order to start using the PrimeERP with a set opening balance (taken from MVN's software trial balance

   What do we have

  Prime ERP features

  • Customers Invoicing

    • Real-time invoicing with compliant

    • Offline invoicing

    • Payments (total and partial)

    • Products management

    • Price

    • Taxes

  • Vendors Billing

    • Bills registration

    • Vendors Management

    • Vendor's Payment

  • Accounting

    • Account Receivables

    • Account Payables

  • Reporting

    • Balance Sheet

    • Profit and Loss

    • General Ledger

    • Aged Payable

    • Aged Receivable

    • Cash Flow Statement

    • Tax Report

    Prime Hotel features

  • Booking Management

    • Website booking engine

    • Booking request and confirmation

    • Check-in, stay and Checkout workflow

    • Folios management

    • Invoicing

    • Rooms availability

    • Price lists and conditions

  • Website integration

    • Website booking engine  

    • Booking API for external website 

  • Reporting (Pivot tables)

    • Occupancy rate

    • Channels 



    Gap Analysis Prime ERP

  • Customised reports

    • Breakfast Cost against Occupancy

    • Water Cost against Occupancy

    • Electricity Cost against Occupancy

    • Housekeeping and Laundry Supplies against Occupancy

=> Mitigation quick win: Data View + Pivot table

  • Payroll

    • Automate the calculation of base remuneration for employees

    • Automate the calculation of overtime for employees

    • Automate the calculation of INPS obligations/splits

    • Pay Stubs

  • => Mitigation / Quick win: Employee invoice template

    Gap Analysis Prime Hotel

  • OTA Integration

    • integration

    • v15 integration

=> Prime's Backlog asap

Agile Approach

  • Product Owner defines priorities continuously

  • Team refines product backlog and prepares sprint backlog

  • Sprint scope is immutable once the team commits and starts it

  • Daily, the team has a 15' call to answer to 3 questions:

    • What did I yesterday?

    • What am I doing today?

    • What is blocking me?

  • At the end of the Sprint the increment is delivered to the product owner during a sprint review (1 hour max)

  • The team carries out a retrospective and identifies improvements

  • A new sprint planing is realised and a new sprint starts 

Values from the Agile Manifesto

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

  • Working Software over comprehensive documentation

  • Customer Collaboration over contract negotiation

  • Responding to change over following a plan

While there is value in the items of the right, we value the items on the left more.

 Tenets to enable a successful project

01 You are our priority

Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software

04 One team

Business and developers must work together daily throughout the project

07 Working software

Working software is the primary measure of progress.

10 Simplicity

The art of maximising the amount of work not done is essential

02 We embrace changes

Welcome changing requirements, even late in development. Agile processes harness change for the customer’s competitive advantage

05 Motivated individuals

Build around motivated individuals. Supportive environment and trust to get the job done

08 Sustainability

Agile processes promote sustainable development, maintaining a constant pace

11 Self-organising team

The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from a self-organised team

03 Continuous delivery

Deliver working software frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference to shorter timescale

06 Conversation

Direct and transparent communication is the right way to go. Let's be assertive.   Speak up!

09 Excellence

Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility and standards

12 Self-evaluation

At regular intervals, we reflect on how to become more effective, then tune and adjust our behaviour accordingly

Team and roles

Paulo Santos

Product Owner

Keeps backlog up to date and accepts deliverables 

Patrícia Karantonis


Uses the system on a daily base and gives feedback

Marx Nobre

Financial advisor

Provides configurations and uses accounting module

Marco Delgado

Web master

Integrates  engine on Website using Prime TMS API

Jerson Figueiredo

Software Engineer

Customises, develops, tests and delivers features

Marco Stiehl

Software Engineer

Customises, develops, tests and delivers features

Madalena Barreto

Agile project manager

Facilitates agile practices and supports team

Paulo Martins

Software Architect

Supports the team on technical options

José Silva

Cloud services

Interface to other Pods involved on Prime Services

Kelly Andrade

Project Assistant

Supports team member 

Lia Martins

Invoicing Services

Invoice project services

Felisberto Martins

Prime's accountant

Expert user for Prime ERP

Roadmap and milestones

April & May
Kick off & Invoicing 
  • Project and software Setup 

  • Invoices issuing

  • Invoices - data migration

  • Training and support of key users

Booking Management 
  • Booking history recovery

  • Training and video tutorials

  • Booking ready to use

  • Adaptation of the chart of accounts to the reality of CV;

  • Create an account in the chart of accounts for each registered customer;

  • Create an account in the chart of accounts for each product;

  • Register supplier invoices.

Website Integration
  • Conect Website to booking engine.

Decision Making
  • Management Dashboard;

  • Standard Report;

  • Customised Reporting.

Next Steps
  • Q4 Backlog review

  • Close phase 1 / Project

  • Activate SLA 

Risks and mitigation

  • (in)stability  

    e-factura is new. We've been facing a few challenges that impacts planning and resources allocation. We should be prepared to send DFE offline and to have accounting and fiscal up to date to overcome blockers 

  • Team is exhausted

    e-factura has been really demanding since end of 2021. It required migration of most of our systems. We have important deliverables for Q2. Let's keep things simple and progress fast

  • Response time to remove blockers  

    We need a continuous pace taking technical decisions. Commitment formalisation on the beginning of each sprint is required 

Next Steps

1) Validate this proposition or improve / adapt it

2)  Agile cerimonies set up

3) Invoice!